Old and New around the Panama Canal


Honoring the past by building the future.

old GE Panama Canal Locomotives

The old and new Panama Canal Locomotives. The old ones where made by GE (General Electric) and the new ones by the Mitsubishi Corporation

The new Mitsubishi Corporation Panama Canal Locomotives
Each new locomotive weighs 50 tons, operates with two 290 HP traction units and has a towing capacity of 311.8 kilonewtons at 4.8 kilometers per hour, and of 178.2 kilonewtons at 8 kilometers per hour.



The old French Dump Cars

The old and new ways to transport the excavated earth away from the waterway, above the old dump cars used by the French back from 1881 to 1889 and below the new Cat trucks used by the contractors that work on the current Panama Canal expansion

Huge CAT truck


Bulll Wheel

Above the old wheels that where part of how the Panama Canal Lock Doors where opened and closed and below we see some maintenance work done on the new hydraulic system that moves the doors today.

maintenance work done on the new hydraulic system


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