From Wikipedia: The Torrijos–Carter Treaties are two treaties signed by the United States and Panama in Washington, D.C.,
on September 7, 1977, which abrogated the Hay–Bunau-Varilla Treaty of 1903.
The treaties guaranteed that Panama would gain control of the Panama Canal after 1999,
ending the control of the canal that the U.S. had exercised since 1903.
The treaties are named after the two signatories, U.S. President Jimmy Carter
and the Commander of Panama's National Guard, General Omar Torrijos.

Below see the Ex U.S. President Jimmy Carter visiting the Miraflores visitors center
at the Panama Canal in company of Panamas president Martin Torrijos
and below that photo an image of a conmemorative text photographed on the Ancon Hill.

Torrijos–Carter Treaties
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